Fraternal Order of Anne Arundel County Detention Center Officers & Personnel


Fodcop, a non-profit organization, represents, preserves, and protects its membership – specifically with regard to wages, benefits, and working conditions. FODCOP is also affiliated with the Communications Workers of America, (a.k.a. FODCOP/CWA Local 2911) some 700,000 men and women strong, serving in both the private and public sectors. FODCOP has been beneficiary of this alliance since 1998. FODCOP is but one proud local member of some 1,200 chartered locals across the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico who are also affiliated with CWA. Its members live in approximately 10,000 communities. They enjoy the security of over 2,000 collective bargaining agreements that spell out the wages, benefits, working conditions, and employment security provisions for its members.


This 200-plus membership of dedicated correctional professionals selflessly serves Anne Arundel County’s Public Safety mission. It does this 24/7/365 by securing, caring for, and protecting over 1,000 inmates between the Ordnance Road Correctional Center and the Jennifer Road Detention Center.

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